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Does Your Bird Have The Flu? 
Top Warning Signs and Remedies
By Dr. Jeckelhydeman

     Concerned about whether or not your bird may have the flu? Before you flush that bird, or put it through the shredder, or whatever you may do in a moment of panic, here is what to look for and what to do about it to help the poor little thing through this difficult time.
       -        Listen to its vocalizations. If the birds' usual chirp is off by .001 decibles with a frequency augmentation greater than .06/3 Hz, then it probably has the flu. Of course you would need complex high-end equipment to determine this, but you know what I am getting at.
       -        Nasal or oral secretions - yes, birds get phlegm too.
       -        Stomach pain. This is difficult to determine, unless your parrot has learned to speak about its gastric status.
       -        Flies into a wall. This obviously, is not good

     If you bird has the flu, it is important that it be treated. Take your bird to the bird doctor. If the bird doctor determines your bird has the flu, and there isn't a guarantee that it could be determined, there may be remedies available. Hopefully they can cure your bird with antibiotics and a good nights' sleep. Over the counter or herbal remedies for typical flu ailments are a thoughtful and insightful treatment option.
       -        Though adequate vitamin C does have not yet been determined for birds, and may vary from bird  to bird, it can't hurt to give it a try.
       -        Antiviral medications are available, but birds are little creatures with vastly different anatomies from people. I don't recommend this.
       -        I've personally never seen a bird ingest soup, but if you can find a way then be my guest.
       -        You may want to keep your distance. Avian influenza has been found to be a bad thing, and if it passes on to you, that may not be so good.  Be careful!

     Personal safety as always is a very important matter, both for you and your bird. Good luck and well wishes if your bird is stuck in with the flu this winter.  Plenty of rest and a good diet are always the most reasonable ways to get through the flu. I like birds. I think they are really cool companions.

       -Dr. I. M. Jeckelhydman, Phd.