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Beyond the Galaxy
Beyond the Galaxy
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Zxaxions Consult Vexar Consulate on Bizarre Interstellar Energy Waves

Asteroid Oobl - 6, Arth - Representatives of the Zxaxion Interfederation met with Executives of the Vexar Consulate yesterweek to discuss joint initiatives to protect Interfederation members from bizarre energy waves of unknown origin, which have wrecked havoc on recent haferthors.
       Chief Consulator Roberdon Uidexiquioaoa requested full access to scientific data on the energy waves, suggesting that the calculations could yield information as to where they were coming from. In a recent study, some Decidiaries said that the energy fields may block any directional bearings once they are present.
       He also said that scientific data should be conglomerated from the 3 different star systems that make up the Interfederation. Combined with conversion algorithms that compensate for different time measurements of Interfederation members, there could be a way to analyze the motion, and possibly the nature of the energy.
       Interfederation moderators said that Uidexiquioaoa's wishes would be granted immediately upon approval of the Higher Consulate.
       Over the past deciyear, according to reports, super-intense energy waves have disrupted trans-intercommunication links between 23 Interfederation member worlds. The problem has only gotten worse, with 8 member groups cut off from the Universal Language Network.
       "This is especially troublesome for the situation between the Nogularians and the Snairalugon Empire. Long battles have raged in the past since the sounds and words of their languages are almost exactly opposite one another, said the Chief Consulator in an unrelated interview.
       A full scale scientific evaluation was expected to begin as soon as Interfederation data sources were fully integrated.