Embellished-1 News
For The Stories You Only Thought Were Fake

Vol. 00
©2007 AndrewScott, Inc.
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Embellished-1 News was started in the Spring of 1996, and continued to be sporadically published throughout the years. Its mission is to capture the essence of a news periodical and transform that concept into an all out hilarious experience. It has maintained that stance over the years and in its effort to become a regularly incremented piece of work will continue and build on both its originally intended concept and evolving standards as they arise.

Content ranges from twists and variations in current events, stories based on current news but to which have no connection, to made up stories that have no context anywhere here on Earth. It is called Embellished-1 News because it is the best, if not the only, embellished news source on the planet. Sure, sure. I know there are millions of fake news sites out there on the web, but this is different, I promise.

The launch of EB1N on the internet is long overdue. With every single thing you can think of online, as well as every fake news piece and the real ones too, the EB1N will be a force to be reckoned with - hopefully - if not then a force will be made up to which the newsletter can be comparitively reckoned to.

Regardless, this is a quest solely for the readers enjoyment, and I hope you do. The previously published volumes, some which were created long before this launch, will be available soon on this website. There will be many more Embellished-1 News stories to come, so hang on, buckle your seat belts, put on your armor, lock your doors, and sing like a Chinchilla. EB1N is here!